Why some Rosé are darker than others?

The colour of the Rosé is not a guarantee of the quality of wine, all the wine connoisseurs will tell you. Sancerre Rosé, Bandol, Rosé from Burgundy are delicious; and also, more pricy than pale colour Rosé… So why do we judge the quality of the Rosé by its colour? First of all, people enjoy […]

Innovation & Wine

Despite wine being an ancestral product, the vineyards rarely stop to innovate and be more creative. To be different from the big producers, some of the vineyards decided to innovate like Château Haut-Goujon which is making an 80% Malbec in Lalande Pomerol. But to be more creative, Château Tour Bicheau has decided to make a […]

News of L’ami JAC

Wonderful news – We are back at Addison Primary School (W14 0DT), the birthplace of L’ami JAC ! Since the 1st of January, we have had to work with a customs agent in Europe and a customs agent here in the UK. This has resulted in an increase in our costs. Consequently, we have had […]

What’s going on in the vineyards?

Regarding the situation in France, the frost in April was a disaster for the vineyards. Some of our growers lost up to 70% of their production. It has been sad to see our friends fighting against the frost (see our post on IG). With the global warming, the flowering comes earlier but sadly the frost […]

Sommelier tip’s : How to drink wine with less sulphites?
= Less of a hangover the next day!

Oh, this wine contains Sulphites! The debate surrounding the use of sulphites only came out about 15 or so years ago yet, in this time, it has become increasingly heated and is now a bone of contention for wine lovers and wine critics alike. Vilified by some and fiercely defended by others, this old preservative […]

Wine Tasting : Bodegas Alvia – Rioja – Spain

L'Ami Jac Spansh Wine Tasting Evening

Sommelier tip’s : How to keep an open bottle of wine?

How to keep an open bottle of wine? Keeping a wine after it has been opened is always a delicate matter. However, there are simple and effective tricks to maximize the expectancy life of an opened bottle. First of all, any open bottle should be re-capped as soon as possible after serving to limit the […]

What’s going on ?

Bordeaux is facing an important crisis due to a number of factors that is causing a 12% drop in sales for the 2018-2019 campaign. Indeed, the geopolitical situation places Bordeaux wines in second place on the Chinese market due to customs agreements concerning Chilean and Australian wines, which have become more attractive. The American market, […]

Sommelier tip’s : What Temperature should you serve your wine ?

Your wine need to be served at the right temperature to get the full benefit of your wine. A temperature too cold will increase the sensation of acidity, making the tannins hard and unpleasant (for red wines) and block the aromas. A temperature too high will increase the sensation of alcohol,   making the wines […]

Interview with Domaine Fontavin

Hi Agathe, thank you for accepting to answer our questions. First, could you please introduce the Domaine Fontavin? We are based in the south of the Rhone Valley. We are three ladies who are working in the domaine; Helène Chouvet, owner and winemaker; Pauline, our ex intern who oversees the sales and myself, have been […]

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